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Saskatoon Floor Care

Castle Services has been refinishing floors for over 10 years. Claude and Gord have re-vitalized ONE MILLION SQUARE FEET (1,000,000 sq ft), AND COUNTING. The secret to re-vitalizing floors is simply “caring”. If you use the proper machinery, equipment, products and care, you can make most floors gleaming and shining. VCTile floor care is an art and all three are equally important to produce professional results. All three are absolute requirements and anything less will not produce the best professional results possible.

My floor stripping service include the following:

  • First, we thoroughly vacuum or sweep the entire area to be scrubbed.
  • Then, we will scrub all areas, paying particular attention to all the edges. The entire area will then be mopped and neutralized bringing the PH level to the proper level. We will re-vac to make double sure all possible dirt and debris is removed from the floor. The most important step is now completed and your floor is now prepared for its new finish.
  • Next, we will apply three to four coats of sealer/finish to restore and protect your floor. Each coat will be allowed to thoroughly dry before additional coats are applied.
  • This service will require that everyone stay off the floors being refinished until the final coat is completely dry / cured, this should be 12 to 24 hours.


Maintaining your floors on a daily basis will dictate how they look and how long the finish will last. Once completed Castle Janitorial will recommend the daily or weekly maintenance, whether it be helpful to spray buff weekly or monthly, or using the proper neutral soap or burnishing. All these recommendations will help to avoid the need to strip and refinish so often. I would be happy to give you a quote for providing these services.

With daily vacuuming and washing, as needed buffing, top coating and occasional stripping and refinishing, your floors should last for decades and will always look their best for your staff and customers. The key is regular maintenance.

Castle Janitorial Service can organize a weekly cleaning schedule so that your Saskatoon business gives the best of impressions. We are fully insured and bonded so our clients can have peace of mind that their investments are fully protected. Give us a call! We will come to your business and give you a free estimate.


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